Platform technology

On the platform,investors can enjoy the benefits of quantitative transactions through the digital currency quantitative fund managed by the purchasing platform, as well as a set of quantitative trading tools and trading interfaces provided by the platform for investors to conduct strategic research, including data set models, trading model design, performance backtesting, simulation validation, tracking analysis, and automated Trading.

Intermarket arbitrage tools

Using cross-market arbitrage tools developed for the platform, users can monetize spreads between multiple exchanges using the same or different trade instances and allow the system to trade orders based on strategic arbitrage.

Platform arbitrage tools

Using platform tools, users can apply differential arbitrage strategies to different transactions on the same exchange platform.

Strategy backtesting tools

According to user transaction records, the platform can provide a package of data to backtest indicators and more objectively reflect the detailed data in the user’s portfolio. At the same time, tactical backtesting can generate multi-dimensional performance reports.

Trend trading tools

Through the use of analytical tools, users can set trends in their trading strategies. According to trend strategies, the system can place orders and generate different curve indicators such as long equity curve, short equity curve, equity curve, and losses for investors to analyze and put to use.

Transaction monitoring

The Rcash system uses a self-developed common interface and real-time reporting on market data to provide users with real-time transaction reports and signal alerts, thus achieving transaction monitoring capabilities so investors do not miss a penny they could be earning.

Big data analysis

Rcash will be able precipitate all aspects of the cumulative data and provide investors with richer data products. User-precipitated resources become part of the policy resource pool in the Rcash platform. Users can generate their own output, save it, upload different strategies.

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