Project development plan(Roadmap)

We finished development of large quantities of program codes in 2017. According to the actual estimation of arbitraging, the annual rate of return of risk-free arbitraging between July and August exceeds 300%. Therefore, we have more confidence, expanding the team of quantitative theoretical tutors and the team of technical development and striving to making Rcash a top quantitative trading product in the world.


  • 2017-Q2

    Cross-market arbitrage dual-market Alpha version(Complete)

  • 2017-Q4

    Cross-market arbitrage multi-market Alpha version(Complete)


  • 2018-Q1

    Upgrade quantitative trading system model (Complete)

  • 2018-Q1

    Establish API standards and market access (70% complete)

  • 2018-Q1

    Multi-market arbitrage market Beta version

  • 2018-Q2

    Intra-platform arbitrage Beta version

  • 2018-Q2

    Trend trading (Customized strategy) Alpha version

  • 2018-Q3

    Trend trading (Including customized strategy) Beta version

  • 2018-Q3

    Other functions (Ex. deep multi-market trading, market forecasting)

  • 2018-Q4

    Multi-user multi-function Alpha version


  • 2019-Q2

    Multi-user multi-function Beta version

  • 2019-Q3

    Multi-user multi-function release version

  • 2019-Q4

    Quantitative trading platform, mobile apps

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