Rcash token (RCH)

RCH is circulated within the Rcash quantitative trading platform, as decentralized blockchain digital assets based on Ethereum and as token based on ERC-20 standard protocol.

Total amount

According to the evaluation of size of entire quantitative trading market, the Rcash quantitative trading market generates 1,000,000,000 Rcash tokens (RCH) based on the ERC-20 protocol.


RCH is a internal circulation token among the series of quantitative trading tools of Rcash. Some RCH’s will be regularly destroyed, till the total circulation amount is maintained at 500,000,000 tokens.


RCH is a smart contract token based on the globally highest standard – ERC-20 standard protocol, distributed through the Ethereum blockchain network, with high negotiability.

RCH ownership plan

Founding team

For achieving the long-term goal of Rcash quantitative trading platform and enable the founding team to accompany users and products all the way, we will gradually release the locked RCH for the purpose of stimulating loyal employees and the team, to be linearly released in 4 years (25% released each year).

Tech development, market-level administration

For promoting technical development and market promotion of the project, we'll spare no effort to promote conversion of property rights and patents and establishment and coverage of marketing system so as to advance the entire quantitative trading project to undergo from quantitative changes to qualitative changes both at the technical layer and the user layer.

User purposes and community administration

As for those intimate clients willing to experience Rcash quantitative trading, we’ll release some tokens so that they can use RCH Token in the future quantitative trading system to experience various quantitative trading models.

Consulting and cooperation funds

Rcash can not develop without the support and help from our consultant team and partners. We’ll join hands with our consultant team and partners to promote the progress of the entire Rcash quantitative trading platform project.

Obtaining RCH?

Community rewards

Users who have made outstanding contributions to the platform, such as submitting better trading strategies, introducing highly qualified personnel, or otherwise promoting an active community atmosphere will receive RCH rewards through the community.

Purchase via exchange

RCH will be available for purchase with Bitcoin and Ethereum after becoming available for transacting with.

Restriction resolution plan

Release period Restriction limit
Initial release 25%
First year release 25%
Second year release 25%
Third year release 25%
*With the exception of some of the tokens held by the founding team, the remaining tokens have no lock-up period and can be traded immediately after RCH goes online.

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